wood veneer

Vacation time to colleagues at home to play, colleagues said his wife was on a business trip, so he can be called us to his home to play well, if she’s wife in, we can play, just can’t play so crazy, to feel his home decoration is very good to his home after renovation, the other is the feeling and previously seen is not the same, I asked him how the decoration is so good, he said they home decoration to the people do not feel the same is mainly because of the reason of decoration materials wood veneer, was in the decoration when designers is recommended to their wood veneer, said the use of wood veneer decoration out of the best effect, finally they chose wood veneer

Taipei four star

A friend in a Taipei four star hotel as a cashier, I just pass by there yesterday, just to play with her. Her daily work is very busy, I feel pretty hard, but she said she liked Taipei four star environment, the feeling here is very comfortable. I also think that Taipei four star went in to very clean very elegant feeling, although only a four-star, but no less than five star hotels. She has been here for working for a long time, very familiar to the side, she also said that if I have friends come over you can help me a big discount. I work in the hotel is not very good, but I felt very happy to see a friend, or they like it, so no matter how tired are willing to do.


旦那さんは私を連れて台北旅行の時にホテルを手配して台北スパ付きホテル 、と旦那が手配したこのホテルにはなんとしSPのこのプロジェクトサービス私はずっととても好きSP今回、旦那のいいホテルの手配を満喫して私がきっと。夜は旦那さんと食事の時にあたしはどう知っている旦那台北編付ジグザグホテ- 2009?旦那さんと言った彼はクラスメート彼女を连れて前回妻台北ハネムーンの時にホテルを手配して私が住んでいるこのホテル彼と彼の妻ハネムーン帰ってから彼に伝えて、旦那さん褒めて聞いて私はこのホテルの旦那さんが大好き。

hualien attractions

When you go to Taiwan tourism, I went to a friend of mine told the Hualien attractions Hualien attractions did not think the scenery is also very good, I fell in love with that place at that time in Taiwan tourism, I not only appreciate the beauty to enjoy the Taiwan many Food, after traveling back from Taiwan I have think of when there is time to parents and a travel to Taiwan so that they can go and see the sights of Taiwan. Afternoon went to cousin home playing my cousin told me that the things they company to travel in Taiwan, said to be going to Taiwan to hear my cousin to go to Taiwan I told my cousin many interesting places in the day after tomorrow, what is more important is that Taiwan’s Food.











wood panel

Go to the students home to play I saw schoolmate in the family of wood panel particularly beautiful I asked my classmate’s house wood panel is where to buy classmate told me that her home shortly before just decoration good she did not know, the decoration of the house is her brother told me in charge of students said her brother a professional interior designer classmates took me to visit her family I think students brothers to design his home very good, after the students told me that if I wanted to know that wood panel’s house is bought where she can help me to ask her brother heard students say that I thank you. I told the students, I also intend to bring home to the wood panel re decoration.